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Thursday, December 29, 2005


the rahaga

chapter 3
Norik the rahaga that was no't tookin followd the scopins into the jungle he lost track of them so he had to go on jurny by nim self he thoght why dosent he ride the salamander he the fowend the scorpins he go't he's friends and the defeeted the giant scorpins later on they found the toa of wind they said can you help us find the other toas because ther is a new toa his name rahaga shadow

to be


the rahaga

chapter 2
The next morning they started thier serch for the toa of ech element they wher in the desert and pouks had an idea why don't we ride the garine so they rided on the garine and then the giant scorpins came and whiped out all the rahaga and took them but one of the rahaga was no't tookin

to be


the rahaga

chapter 1
along time ago ther was a trib in metra nui called the rahaga thier was one of each element gaaki was the water one night she went out for a swim then sudenly she was attacked by a two heded serpant but she usedher spinner and the monster went swimming home when sh got back to the camp the other rahaga wher angrie because they dident know where she was then they whent to bed

to be



THE rahaga are from the new bionicle movie the rahaga care for the crechers of metra nui



Anubis is the god death hes allso the scorpin kings right hand man;p

Monday, December 26, 2005



I hope you all hade a nice christmas if you did well thats fantastic I got harry potter and the gobblet of fire for game boy advanced ha ha ha ha ha oh and a nother thing hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa ;P I,m fantastic at it

Thursday, December 22, 2005


beast wars

Beast wars is a great game choose your charecter and fight your aponent.This is one of the best games I have ever played I give this game a big thumbs up :p

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